How to Choose the Right Size of Handbag for Women

How to Choose the Right Size of Handbag for Women

Choosing the right size of handbags for women

You may wonder how to choose the right handbag size? The size of a handbag can vary from a chic clutch to a huge tote, from a few inches to several inches. What if it's too small or too big? Will it match my fashion style? Will it be practical? Don't worry, we have it all for you.

How to choose the handbag size

When you plan on buying a handbag, you need to consider a few things. Your handbag size should be selected keeping in mind how you want to make yourself look or what is the occasion intended. Apart from the durability, affordability, utility and material, the size of the handbag genuinely matters. When you say handbag, it can mean a tantalizing array of different sizes and patterns. For grocery shopping, you can carry a simple handbag with moderate size. For a cocktail party, opt for a handbag with minimal size and accessories so it doesn't get in the way of you and the dance floor. For the office, you need a roomy handbag that can hold the essentials. A sports bag should be sturdy and large, as you can store all your sweaty stuff in it. Short vacation? Opt for handbags with multiple compartments so you can keep your wallet and snacks neatly organized in one place. Family event? Go with a plain handbag that can hold your makeup bag, purse and perfume. Parent-teacher meeting at your child's school? Take the handbag with the wallet, handkerchief, and glasses - maybe you need to check your child's grades. A medium sized bag will do.

What are the most popular sizes of handbags

Designer women handbags come in all shapes and sizes imaginable and choosing the right model can become a bit of a waiting game. It may seem trivial to some, but size is one of the most important considerations when investing in a new handbag. Do you need a practical travel bag, a desk bag, or a glitzy accessory for a party dress? Whether you carry small, medium or large handbags, fashion should be fun! Play with different handbag sizes until you find the one that reflects your personal style.

Benefits of large handbags

Every woman knows that choosing a larger handbag - like the MILA Luxe Leather Bag - is one of the best taken decisions ever, handbag-wise. Larger handbags for women have one major purpose – to let you carry a lot more stuff than usual. They are great for shopping as they can carry all the little things you want to buy from store to store. But that is not all, because besides their spaciousness and power to add a glamorous touch to your look, these hang bags can be used as a carry on bag when going on a weekend getaway for example. Choosing the right type of large bag has never been easier, since we can choose from thousands of different handbag models, types, materials, and sizes. Owning high-quality large handbags is a real blast, as they won’t wear and tear within a year or less. Large handbags will surely add a dash of glamour and class to your outfit and will grab the eye of every woman out there. When buying a large handbag, always look for bold colors as they can add an elegant touch to your outfit and immediately draw the attention.

Benefits of small handbags

While the perfect, carry-everything tote bag is a practical and beloved staple for many, the small handbag trend has its own merits. A tiny purse may never be able to fit your laptop or favorite hefty paperback, but sometimes if feels good to go out without carrying the weight of the world. It can seem like women are expected to cart around an unending array of feminine paraphernalia everywhere they go, so throwing caution to the wind and limiting yourself to a clutch or petite satchel can be particularly liberating. Bigger isn’t always better, especially where bags are concerned! The bigger the bag, the more you’re likely to cram in it. Not only is a big, heavy bag bad for your back, but it’s bad for your belongings, too. If your bag is jam-packed full of stuff, there’s a good chance all of that stuff will bang together during your travels, potentially damaging some of your items. The weight from an overstuffed bag may also be damaging to some of the items on the bottom of your bag. Try going with a medium or small sized bag, so you won’t be tempted to overpack. Small handbags for women have the effect of taking only the things you really need.