Top Handbag Trends For Women That Will Define 2023

Top Handbag Trends For Women That Will Define 2023

“When it comes to good taste, the accessory is always a balancing act. A handbag can either add the finishing touch to an outfit - or ruin it,” Valentino Garavani once said. Find out which handbags are trend-savvy for spring 2023.

Best investment bags to buy

The bag styles of next season don’t make a screaming statement nor are they so minimalistic they lose all aesthetic distinctiveness. For 2023 bags are designed to transcend seasons and are set to become timeless everyday staples. Discover the 6 bag trends that will define 2023.

  1. Back to work: Structured handbags that don't compromise on style were seen on many SS23 runways from Gucci's boxy 1955 bag to PRADA's new edition of the 1995 MODEL. HERMÈS combines casual chic with function with its surprise version of the hobo bag called The Arcon.
  2. Stylish in silver: Silver is booming right now. A statement accessory that easily elevates a more minimalist look, silver bags feature an elevated elegance and timeless feel.
  3. Bag duo: Why carry only one bag when you can carry two? Seen at FENDI where several variations of the Baguette bag were strung together. A practical yet stylish solution for everyday errands which adds extra style points to your look.
  4. Modern handle bags: Minimalist chic and structural shapes combined. While the HERMÈS KELLY BAG and many Louis Vuitton variants will likely never go out of style, Fendi's Peekaboo bag is enjoying a revival. There are also more modern, slightly sculptural designs, like the new Sardine Bag by BOTTEGA VENETA.
  5. Luxury tote bags: The sleek and spacious design of minimalist tote bags gets a chic upgrade. Saint Laurent is at the forefront of the trend with its now famous Icare shopper. The same goes for the CHANEL 22 Tote Bag, which has been upgraded with additional chain details. 
  6. Subtle glamour: From pearls to sequins to subtle feather details, in 2023 our bags deserve a touch of glamour. CHANEL adorned classic styles entirely with freshwater pearls. Even a small HERMÈS KELLY Bag was seen on the runway, adorned with colorful feathers. 

Designer bags that hold their value

When it comes to investing in a luxury handbag, it's important to find a style you really, truly love. Equally important (and often overlooked) is educating yourself on which handbags will hold their value and never go out of style. Invest in the holy trinity—Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Hermès. These three iconic brands in certain styles have the most resale value.

  • The Hermès Birkin: The Birkin is the most sought-after handbag of all. Most Birkins retain or increase in value, depending on leather, hardware, and demand. 
  • The Hermès Kelly: This classic inspired by Grace Kelly also retains or increases in resale value. 
  • The Chanel Classic Flap Bag: Ten years ago the Chanel medium flap in caviar leather costed $1600. This same exact bag now retails for $4900. The resale value of this bag also retains or increases depending on leather and hardware. 
  • The Chanel Boy Bag: While the Boy Bag is fairly new, introduced in 2011, it's now a mainstay. Five years ago, this bag started at $2500. Today it starts at $5100. 
  • The Louis Vuitton Neverfull. The Neverfull is one of Louis Vuitton's all-time most successful bags that come in endless options of materials as well as limited editions and special artist collaborations. It retains at least 85% of its resale value. 

Types of handbags

The right handbag can pull your entire look together and make a strong style statement. Most women have at least a couple of different handbags in their closet. Each serves its own purpose, dresses an outfit up or down and speaks to the wearer's individual style.

  • Shoulder Bag: This mainstay gets its name from the way it's worn: slung over one shoulder. It is one of the most functional—and popular—types of handbagsShoulder bags are ideal work bags for women, so it's a good idea to get one in a neutral color. 
  • Crossbody: This single-strap style is also named for the way it's worn. Typically, the crossbody allows you to go hands-free. Crossbody bags for women are perfect for running errands, social events, travel. 
  • Satchel: These medium-size handbags are usually carried via two short handles, though sometimes they have a long shoulder strap for easier toting. Wear one to elevate your on-campus look or a corporate outfit.  
  • Tote Bag: Consider this the solution for your everyday haul. A large, single-compartment bag that usually has no closure, a tote makes it easy to throw items in or take them out while on the move. Luxury tote bags can also be fringe bags - like MILA's Cher Bag, which comes in a variety of colors - and even make a sophisticated option for the office, since they're made of super-soft suede.
  • Evening Clutch: These glamorous handhelds are generally evening accessories. A sequined or beaded clutch is worthy of an extravagant ball or even a wedding, while a low-key design could be carried to a happy hour or on a date night. 
  • Hobo Bag: This large, slouchy, crescent-shaped standby is more glamorous than its name implies. It's a timeless, fashion-forward option for many scenarios, including casual weekends, travel or an evening out with friends. It feels stylish but never try-hard, and that's the beauty of this handbag.