Our story

M.I.L.A. Made in Los Angeles is a lifestyle brand made by distinctive style shaped by the the City of Angeles and it’s protagonists, the celebrities. "Laid back chic" is a definition that probably fits best. Designed and created in Los Angeles, M.I.L.A. pieces are a reflection of the trends happening on the streets and red carpets in Los Angeles, trends which are influencing fashion people around the globe. People wearing the L.A. style feel the freedom of choice, the sexiness, but also the comfort it comes with it. Coveted Handbags in iconic designs - big enough to carry your life in it, luxurious Cashmere pieces to become your favorite wardrobe staple - M.I.L.A. designs reminds you to the luxurious, care free lifestyle of the stars living in Los Angeles.
Luxury Designer Handbags for Women