The Ultimate Guide to the Best Totes - Everything You Need to Know About a Good Tote Bag

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Totes - Everything You Need to Know About a Good Tote Bag

What is the Tote Bag and why is it called “Tote Bag”?

A tote is simply a large bag suitable for carrying (or toting) lots of stuff, that has a large opening on the top. A tote bag, in essence, is any bag of variable size that often lacks fasteners other than a pair of parallel handles on either side to hold the bag by. The main purpose of a tote bag is to serve as an easy carryall, especially during those busy days spent shopping or running errands. 

In the past years, tote bags have become one of the most wanted accessory due to their functionality, versatility, and ease of use. Compared to smaller purses like cross body bags, bucket bags or mini bags, tote bags offer a lot of practicability beside making a fashion statement. Usually, they offer a lot of space for all your essentials like wallet, keys, laptop, make up bag, etc. These bags can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. 

What are Tote Bags made from?

Also, you have different choices in the material. At MILA, we use mainly a very soft, high end, Genuine leather suede bag. For fall we are starting to offer an amazing alternative to leather. If you want to be mindful about animals and/or are a declared vegan, you don’t have to miss out on a fabulous Tote Bag anymore. We are offering those styles now also in vegan leather. Besides that, you are also having the option to choose 100 % cotton canvas, a great alternative for summer and travelling or going to the beach. Made from the durable, fabric material woven out of cotton or linen, this bag will be very forgiving using it a lot.

How do I choose a good Tote Bag?

Choosing the right tote bag is a very personal choice. Depending on how you are intending to use it, you need to choose first the perfect size and shape and – length of the handles! If you are the type, you carries your life in a bag, choose a larger model. Make sure, all your essentials have space in your bag and the handles are long enough, sturdy but also soft on your shoulder so you don’t you’re your bag as a burden. Make sure you choose a tote bag with an interior that lets you organize things.

Mila’s Tote Bags all offer a color matching interior lining which makes the bag look beautiful inside out. 3 interior pockets offer perfect organization for your essentials. No digging in your oversized bag to find keys or your phone. Everything has a place and can be found easily. Another important thing is the top closure of your tote bag. London luxury handbag has ample space for laptops & tablets & a top closure to keep your belongings safe. This safety feature makes sure your essentials are safe, cannot be stolen easily or you lost, especially when you use your bag for travelling. 

The History of the Tote Bag

Totes first came into creation in the 17th century, but the term "tote", which means "to carry", did not become common until the 1900s. Particularly in the United States, totes did not reach their height of popularity until 1944, when one of the major apparel companies released their iconic Boat Bag. Interestingly enough, the purpose of this original tote was to carry ice during outings and the bag itself has remained in production with little change in product design. The Boat Bag continues to be made from a durable canvas material, which has undoubtedly withstood the test of time.
Although this company has contributed a great deal to the popularity of the tote, it's the American housewives of the 1950s who greatly ushered this bag into mainstream society. Totes became a staple accessory in the completion of errands and chores, which then led way to the totes becoming a fashion statement in the 1960s. This is when designers such as Bonnie Cashin took advantage of the practical design and turned it into something elegant. The bag also hit the intellectual society when the popular New York City bookstore, The Strand, adopted and re-introduced its own version of the classic tote. High-end totes are now commonly seen on runways across the world during every Fashion Week, which boasts another level of luxury than the classic and practical cloth tote bag.