Why The Hobo Bag Has Become A Classic

Why The Hobo Bag Has Become A Classic

They are soft, big and super practical. They have sooo much space and the absolute style factor. Hobo bags are known for their laidback and understated silhouette. They’re a modern Mary Poppins bag that you can put your life into. Everything from your laptop to travel essentials and makeup bag will fit inside it. This bag is synonymous with bohemian chic, encapsulating the feminine but simplistic style.

What is a Hobo Bag?

The term "hobo" was first used in the late 19th century to refer to migrant workers in America, who were usually homeless and rode freight trains in search of work, carrying their belongings in a sack tied around a stick. It’s this marker that fashion borrowed to describe a slouchy bag with a handle. The first hobo bag was created in 1936.

Nowadays, the hobo bag is a crescent-shaped bag held at both ends by an adjustable or non-adjustable strap. It is generally characterized by being a large bag made of soft and flexible materials such as leather or suede, which when worn hanging from the shoulder, tends to collapse and fold over itself. This makes it the quintessential accessory to give a casual touch to your look, making it a very popular bag to use every day.

Hobo bags typically have a thicker shoulder strap than a tote bag, making it easier to go hands-free. The hobo bag reached the peak of its popularity in the early 2000s when celebrities styled them with everything from velour tracksuits to cocktail dresses. You’ll find hobo bags with various shapes and sizes, from mini hobo bags to oversize travel styles.

Are Hobo Bags in Style 2022?

The Hobo bag has become a "must have" in recent years. And it is that thanks to its design and size it is usually the perfect bag to complement a casual and practical look but at the same time stylish and elegant. As fashion trends developed, the hobo bag evolved along with it. The bag has always maintained its original oversized and slouchy silhouette, but each brand has put its own twist on the bag. Some choose to incorporate metals, while other brands have added practical elements to the bag, like exterior pockets.

Curating a collection of luxury handbags can be difficult. You want a balance between timeless and trendy styles. The beauty of a hobo bag is that it blends these two together. They’re a classic style that comes back into vogue every few years. If you’re a fan of the bohemian fashion aesthetic, this is the perfect bag for you.

Why are Hobo Bags so Popular?

Part of the allure of a hobo style bag is how understated it appears. It’s a bag that you will reach for every day, whether you’re heading into the office or being a tourist in the city. The bag is designed to hold everything you need, from laptops to makeup bags and even your backup shoes. A hobo bag adds versatility to your closet. It’s an easy way to carry your essentials while giving your outfit an understated accessory. This bag is casual chic meets bohemian romanticism.

While the original hobo bags were made with simplistic materials, brands have put their own twist on the bag. Whatever your aesthetic is, you can guarantee there’s a hobo bag out there for you. Printed fabrics and patterns are a popular way of giving a hobo bag a unique feel. Tassels add the ‘70s feel to this bohemian bag, while a detachable strap can give you the versatility of converting your hobo bag into a crossbody. With handbag trends pointing towards a minimalistic aesthetic, it’s no surprise that the humble hobo bag is making a comeback.

Why do you need a Hobo Bag?

A hobo bag is an evergreen accessory that you’ll reach for every season. It’s the perfect investment bag and one that your bag collection is crying out for. You can easily style it with any outfit, whether you're boarding a plane or having your morning coffee, as you can see from the EMMA bag, this luxury hobo bag for women that you can find online at MILA is a trendy upgrade for your wardrobe.