Practical & Chic: Work Bags for Women

Practical & Chic: Work Bags for Women

No matter what your average workday looks like - whether you stay at home, commute every morning, or go to a coffee shop - work bags for women are always a necessity in a woman's handbag collection. And while there are pretty tote bags and backpacks everywhere, choosing the right work bag is about more than just looks. Work bags must meet many criteria: personal style, usefulness and comfort, to name a few.

What are good work bags for women?

The best work bag offers the hard-to-find combination of comfort, style, perfect organization and storage space. When it comes to the perfect work bag, fashion and function should be in perfect harmony. It should be a bag that you won't be embarrassed to carry and that can hold everything from a laptop to a giant water bottle to fun extras like sportswear, a lunchbox and more. Since the demand for excellent work bags is so high, there is also a wide selection on the market.

From backpacks to shoulder bags to vegan leather bags, work bags come in every shape, size and color. Depending on the situation, you may need to carry more or less each day. The best work bags combine sophisticated shapes with subtle details that add originality while still being practical for everyday work. And comfort is a must. Remember that the bag should fit your lifestyle, not the other way around!

How to choose an office bag?

Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready for work and realizing you can't fit everything in your bag. Or perhaps you can, but it'll feel like you are carrying a thousand bricks on your shoulders. When space is this precious, every little item counts. Instead of taking whatever fits the most stuff, regardless of what it looks like, there are plenty of designs that don't force you to sacrifice fashion for function. Here is a Checklist for choosing the right business bag:

1. Size and shape

To determine the size, you should pack all the things you carry with you every day into a bag and measure the length, width and height - this is the minimum size of your business bag. If the work bag is to be taken on short trips more often, the size must be checked against the hand luggage regulations of the most frequently used airlines.

2. Material and workmanship

Work bags in which documents are carried must be made of waterproof or water-resistant material. Choose one that matches the intensity of use. Durability depends on material and material thickness, care requirements and processing. If possible, you should look at the workmanship in detail or read up on the experience when buying online.

3. Design, color and equipment

The more conservative the work environment in which you operate, the more likely you are to forgo hip and fancy designs. A business bag of high quality in a restrained, noble design always fits - and also fits to each of your outfits. You should also avoid "experiments" when it comes to color, because muted colors go with any outfit and any environment. Dark blue, -brown, black business bags also "hide" any stain caused in the excitement before important appointments.

From these basic colors, it's best to choose the one that matches most of your business outfits. Pay attention to the features that need to be present for the things you carry with you every day. You usually need at least one laptop or tablet compartment, compartments for documents, a smartphone pocket, small compartments for business cards, cosmetics, key holder and pen loops. The laptop or tablet compartment should be padded, the small compartments for cards, notes, keys necessarily have a secure closure.

Types of office bags

Work bags for women should be suitable for ladies who need to constantly carry documents, laptops or other important utensils at work. Here are the best handbags for women, in which you can carry everything important, no matter where you are.

1. Hobo Bag: The silhouette of the DARCY bag from MILA fits perfectly with your outfit. The slouchy hobo style bag can be worn as a shoulder handbag and features a top closure, detachable strap and three different interior pockets.

2. Modern Shape: Crossbody bags like the JOANIE by MILA are an organizational win – they are stylish and functional at the same time. Perfect for work, leisure and travel!

3. Slouchy Tote: This bag is just the thing for days when a conventional tote bag is boring. The LAUREN by MILA has room for everything you need, making it perfect for work. 

4. Oversize Leather Tote: The Luxury Leather Tote Bag and the YANA from MILA are winners for those who like things elegant yet functional. These spacious bags belong in every woman's handbag collection and are absolute trend pieces this season.