Must Have Handbags Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Must Have Handbags Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Handbags play an important role in the life of the modern woman. They are a fashion must-have that every modern woman should have in her closet. Not only do they make it easier to carry the essentials of daily life, but they are also ideal for embellishing an outfit or enhancing it visually. Nowadays, there is a wide range of stylish handbags on the market for you to choose from for different occasions and style preferences.

What are Handbags?

The classic definition of a handbag is a medium to large size bag used to carry personal items. However, it is much more than that. Handbags are considered a fashion statement that can either make or break your style.

With these stylish bags, you can easily carry your important personal items like your cosmetics, purses, medicines and many other valuables that you need on a daily basis. It is important to know that these handbags are not only practical for carrying everyday items but also an important style statement.

Types of Handbags

Most of us have at least a couple of different handbags in their closet. And like shoes, each serves its own purpose, dresses an outfit up or down and speaks to the wearer's individual style.

1. Shoulder Bag

This mainstay gets its name from the way it's worn: slung over one shoulder like a MILAs luxury oversize YANA bag. It varies in size but is generally large enough to hold all your essentials. Even though it's called a "shoulder" bag, many have both short handles and longer shoulder straps; often women just prefer to hold the handles of this fashion accessory or wear it on their arm for a casual, effortless look. Shoulder bags are ideal for everyday casual and professional situations, so it's a good idea to get one in a neutral color.

2. Crossbody

This single-strap style is also named for the way it's worn. Typically smaller than a shoulder bag, the crossbody still allows you to go hands-free. It's perfect for running errands, social events, travel, and any scenario where you want to keep your essentials on you without being weighed down as you can see at MILAs iconic JOANIE cross-body bag. Considering it can be worn day or night, this is a great style to stock up on in different shapes, colors and textiles.

3. Tote Bag

A large, single-compartment bag that usually has no closure, a tote makes it easy to throw items in or take them out while on the move. Have a look at the KAREN Bag, which is the latest edition of MILA's luxury bags for women. This luxurious handmade bag can be combined with any outfit and is stylish and functional at the same time.

4. Mini/Saddle Bags

These glamorous bags are generally evening accessories, though the formality can range from moderate to very upscale, like the ALI Saddle bag by MILA, a sophisticated women's luxury handbag made from 100 % Italian Leather and Suede Leather. Another option you find at MILA is the LIZA - a shoulder bag made of luxurious genuine leather in a sleek, curved silhouette. This luxurious handbag pays homage to the trend of small and mini bags and is the perfect choice for a girl's night out or a dinner date.

5. Hobo Bag

The Hobo bag is a timeless, fashion-forward option for many scenarios, including casual weekends, travel or an evening out with friends, just like the DARCY - a hobo-style bag by MILA made of luxurious genuine leather.

Which bags are trendy?

1. Large Shoppers

We love XL shoppers now! The large bags are just too practical and are wonderful for work and shopping.

2. Quilted Bags

Bags with a quilted finish are in high demand.  From classic black to brightly colored bags, we can choose between many chic models in this trend, depending on our taste.

3. Bags in Orange

Orange is one of the trend colors of 2022. Especially in autumn, we love this great shade, which shines with the colorful autumn leaves around the bet. How about a new bag in orange now like the Jane bag by MILA

4. Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are super trendy. In the fall we love practical shoulder bags in muted tones like beige, brown, or taupe. 

5. Vintage Bags

Secondhand fashion is booming and so are vintage bags. On the Internet, there are numerous platforms that offer vintage designer bags.

Why are handbags important?

Handbags are so much more than just vessels for your essentials—the right one can pull your entire look together and make a strong style statement. We all are a part of the perfectly imperfect world having different lifestyles, backgrounds, cultures, tastes, and preferences. Handbags are an expression of who we are and where we belong in social, economic, and fashion terms.

As our most visible fashion accessory, our handbag is symbolic, conveying to others the tribe to which we belong. A form of self-expression and indicator of personal style, handbags are also an entry to luxury and allure. Don't be afraid to experiment with different options to find out what works for you in terms of your lifestyle needs, your personality, and the occasion.