Handbag Trends You Should Know In 2023

Handbag Trends You Should Know In 2023

What’s the last thing you grab before you walk out of your house? A water bottle? Headphones? Keys? Maybe the answer is all of the above and in that case, you’re going to need a bigger bag. Luckily the top 2023 bag for women trends have you covered. 

Types of women bags

A handbag not only underlines a woman's personality, but it is also our most loyal companion. So, it's no wonder that the handbag has become the most important accessory of all. Here are some types of handbags for women:

1. Satchel: The bag’s main opening is covered by a flap and usually comes with two handles and a long shoulder strap, so you can simply hang it on your shoulder if you need to. They are commonly used for carrying bulkier items like laptops, books, files etc. 

2. Hobo Bags are in general roomy bags that have a wide opening on top to better accommodate bulkier items as well as a single long handle, which can be used as a shoulder strap. 

3. Sling Bags: Sling bags are a blend of functionality and fashion. Sling bags are spacious enough to carry your cash, card, and keys. They are a great alternative to heavy and oversized bags. 

4. Duffle bag: Similar to tote bags, duffle bags are true space wonders like the RIA - one of the luxury designer handbags by MILA you can use it for office, travel, workouts or daily shopping.

Handbag types

Handbags are among those things that we use every single day of our lives. The main types of leather or vegan leather bags are described below:

1. Tote Bag: They are usually bigger in size and have two handles that are long enough to carry the bag over a shoulder. They are very convenient to wear and have a somewhat large storage that could carry quite a few items as you can see at the MILA handbag JENNA.

2. Shoulder Bag: Shoulder bags are generally stylish and serve as an accessory first. And as we all know, an accessory is used to enhance one’s appearance and boost confidence, and such shoulder bags are great at making both happen.

3. Cross-Body Bags: They are perfect for carrying your cash, card, documents, and anything you need to access easily and quickly while on the move. 

Handbag trends

Handbags come in all shapes and sizes. Buying one is a  decision you should not take lightly. A handbag can make or break an outfit. The main trend in bags for 2023 will be understated luxury:

1. Seriously structured: Regardless of shades, the one thing that unifies this trend is the use of sturdy leather in structural shapes. Go classic in black or opt for one of the big fashion color trends 2023 - such as yellow, blue or olive green, to add a color pop to your look.

2. Shiny metallics: Metallics aren't just for the holiday season as the runways for 2023 were awash with glossy metallics. Silver is having its moment in the spotlight as one of the big trends for next season, ideal for wearing with white. 

3. Top handle: This vintage style is definitely back for 2023 and it looks super modern, thanks to boxy shapes and multi-colored patterns. This style of bag is a fashion classic. 

4. Super touchable: These brightly colored bags aren't bags to be stroked, but instead are tactile, puffed up, and squashy. They are worn squished under the arm, showcasing just how touchable they are.

5. XL bags: After the long reign of micro bags, the XL tote bag is the big winner when it comes to the handbag trends in 2023. This trend works with something sleek, chic, and tailored that can emphasize the oversize bag. 

6. Crescent moon: A crescent moon bag is a must for the handbag trends in 2023. The ends of the bag round upward and inward - the perfect handbag for any minimalists out there. 

7. Buckles: Statement buckles are a flashback to the 2000s. The modern version is a bit more sophisticated than the original trend and adds an edgy touch to simple silhouettes.

Must have bags for every woman

Both functional and fashionable, the right handbag really can make the outfit. At a minimum, you need three: a daily workhorse, a weekender, and an out-on-the-towner. 

The Daily Workhorses

  • Satchel: This workhorse has a divided interior so that you can quickly find what you need. It often has two handles, one that’s a top handle, as well as a shoulder strap.
  • Hobo: The hobo handbag has a more casual look. It’s unconstructed and generally quite roomy inside. 
  • Shoulder Bag: The shoulder bag comes in a variety of sizes but should easily tuck under your arm. 

The Weekenders

  • Tote Bag: This spacious bag is perfect for casual weekends and farmer’s markets. Either way, it’s made for running errands.
  • Pouch: They keep all the little things in an easy to find spot. Many tote bags come with removable matching pouches. 
  • Crossbody: When you need your hands free, this is your go to bag (think shopping, concerts and amusement parks!). 

The Out-On-The-Towners

  • Clutch: There’s something so chic and feminine about it. Think of them as decorative jewelry. Many of them come with a hidden strap you can put around your wrist or over your shoulder.
  • Evening Bag: These are clutches to the max! Many sparkle with dazzling embellishments while others are sleek and understated. Like special jewelry, they elevate your nighttime look.