Olivia Suede Pants Sale

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Inspired by the 70ies retro feel, these vintage pants by MILA are crafted from buttery soft suede leather. Offering a relaxed fit, with this special piece you can enjoy the comfort of jogging pants combined with the glam of the Rockin' Seventies . Pair them with deep cut Silk Tops, flowing Kimonos and Vintage inspired Booties. You will rock in your new festival outfit!

100% Suede Stretch Leather. One of a kind. Super soft feel with cotton stretch interior.

S, M, L


M.I.L.A. Made in Los Angeles is a lifestyle brand made by distinctive style shaped by the the City of Angeles and it’s protagonists, the celebrities. The brand's designers draw inspiration from the diverse cultures, landscapes, and people of Los Angeles, and infuse each bag with a sense of the city's unique energy and style.

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