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The Eva Tote is a maxi oversized luxury women's handbag crafted from half Genuine Pebble Leather and half Suede. Creating a stunning multi-textured work of art. MILA Eva oversized tote bag is perfect for elegant motion and movement through out your day and practical shopping experiences.

Color matching cotton lining makes your bag look good inside out, 3 pockets will keep your essentials organized, a top closure keeps your belongings safe.

Amazing gift idea for her.

Combine this bag with every outfit, this MILA Luxe Bag is stylish and functional at the same time. Perfect for work, leisure and travel.

Made out of 100 % Genuine Leather and color matching cotton lining.

M.I.L.A. Made in Los Angeles is a lifestyle brand made by distinctive style shaped by the the City of Angeles and it’s protagonists, the celebrities. The brand's designers draw inspiration from the diverse cultures, landscapes, and people of Los Angeles, and infuse each bag with a sense of the city's unique energy and style.

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